Air Conditioning

Whether you have just moved into your brand new home and need to have A/C installed, or perhaps you may have been living in your home for years and would like to upgrade your A/C equipment to give you more energy efficiency, and save you a little more in your electric bill, or you may just need some maintenance done.

Whatever your situation is, Pro-Heating & Cooling INC can provide you with the proper installation and maintenance that fits you r needs best.

Our brand name used is RHEEM

Using a Rheem brand air conditioners and heat pumps give you the desite of:

  • Energy Efficiency: Giving our customers the most up to date technology and energy-saving performance.
  • The cooling efficiencies are 54% higher than the traditional designs.
  • For most of the Rheem air conditioners they are quieter and more durable units.
  • With RHEEM you have the comfort and the benefits while making your home cool and just right for the warm weather.